Courageous Coping with Disruption


Effective coping with disruption in our exponentially changing times requires

self‐leadership, agility, and the ability to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Disruption can be like a wake‐up call to full alertness and more awareness.

Disruption Brings Forth New Leadership Qualities

The highly volatile environment is pushing us out of our comfort zone. Thus new competences are needed for coping successfully with exponential disruptive change. Open-mindedness, clarity, courage, and agility are key for adjusting or reversing the focus when facing overwhelming challenges. Simplifying is essential to bring what needs attention to the foreground. With an open mindset, we are ready to embrace what is — to connect with ourselves, including noticing our emotions and being better able to manage the impact they have on us.

Mindset is powerful:

  • Stay connected with your purpose and the magic of your essence to feel the pull.

  • Understand your priorities to focus only on what is important

  • Listen to hear what others are contributing to gain new insights

  • Adopt and integrate your learnings to progress

  • Close what you want to let go and accept the loss that comes with choice to move on

  • Take courageous decisions and be prepared to move forward step-by-step

Volatile Change Prompts Renewal and Awakens Creativity & Equanimity

Reconnecting with your own passion is like re-charging the batteries and enabling

a process of updating, reinventing and realigning the Self. It is like installing a new operating system that is compatible with current demands, activating our resourcefulness by enabling new strengths while using them in genius new ways. This process is energizing and inspiring and allows us to experience a state of Equanimity. Equanimity is a strong, calm presence, a serenity that comes from within. With practice we can go to that place of peace faster. We are quicker to get back into our productive mode, ready to engage with the people and the work around us with clarity — empowered and committed.

Being Resourceful in the Eye of the Storm

Individuals who are self-aware have the audacity to self-interrupt and self-disrupt themselves to create a jumping board for launching the next phase of self‐development. Self-leadership is a continuous process of renewal and growth. Maintaining the status quo is not an option. Everything is in motion and requires a process of adaptation by discarding, modifying and adding.

Mobilize your Inner Strength and Serenity when Feeling Pressure of Disruption:

  • Breathe deeply to create calm presence and time to reflect (in the moment)

  • Notice and name your feelings.

  • Observe your reactions (under pressure) Appreciate and embrace what is there (regularly)

  • Focus on listening to yourself/others without being hijacked by feelings or emotions (always)

  • Decide — make an aware choice from options and backups you have (in time)


Disruption allows us each time to reconnect with our intentionality, to be fresh creators of our own destiny, while opening new opportunities with our key stakeholders in the process. We recognize that we have different choices and we become aware that we want to make them mindfully and in time. This is our ultimate freedom. With every choice there is a loss — a closure and a new beginning. In this way, we are all pioneers of our lives in a co-creative, emergent process.

Create Winning Sparring Partner Relationship(s):

  • Stay connected and honest with yourself and each other

  • Dialogue continuously with your key stakeholder(s)

  • Agree on joint goals Understand and respect mutual expectations, including boundaries

  • Grow together through timely feedback and feed-forward conversations

Be smart about knowing when to go fast and when to slow down. Allow yourself time to re-charge, take time to re-connect regularly with your purpose, goals and intentions. This is about the being and the doing for long lasting success.

The following disruption‐savvy qualities have emerged in my observations and experience. Set up your own navigation system and have a great journey.

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