Improve Leadership Strenghts at every Level

As Senior Executive Coaches we work with individual Executives and Managers to create results for their organisations, their teams and themselves. Executive Coaching enables tangible results through levers that help remove barriers and disconnects.




We develop awareness of the process role and content role of leadership and of applying the leadership capabilities at three levels.



  • Organisational Leadership - how you lead your team or function to have a positive impact on the business.



  • Interpersonal Leadership – how you interact with others one-on-one and how you influence others and collaborate with them.



  • Personal Leadership – how you think about yourself and manage your own behaviour, thoughts, and feelings for maximum productivity and satisfaction.




 Focus on the most important Opportunities and Challenges



  • Clarity on purpose, vision and strategy

  • Reflecting and understanding behavioural patterns

  • Dealing with emotional barriers and triggers

  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback

  • Managing healthy conflict

  • Engaging, mobilising and empowering people

  • Harnessing team diversity

  • Flexing your leadership agility

  • Leveraging personal strengths


Get the Results that make a Difference


Gain a better understanding of yourself and your impact on others.

Apply leadership competencies for deeper meaningful relationships with people.

Implement learnings from feedback and insights to produce desired results.



Strong teams are the cornerstones of effective and successful organisations. Teams that are capable of appreciating diversity for creating synergies are resourceful and flexible in dealing with challenges. Aligned teams with a clear purpose, agreed values, responsibilities, and goals, are delivering extraordinary results and enjoy positive relationships for team members to flourish. 




We support teams to organise for success, to solve tough problems and to take collaborative action for achieving aspired results.





The Importance of Teams

Our Clients have leveraged our Expertise to:


  • Launch a new team

  • Kick-start a new business

  • Develop a shared vision for success

  • Validate the business model

  • Clarify roles and responsibilities

  • Set common goals and project priorities

  • Define or update the business strategy

  • Conduct team retreats for planning or teambuilding

  • Innovate and collaborate with customers

  • Prioritize and focus the product and service portfolio

  • Address tough issues pro-actively

  • Team Coaching

  • Leadership Development

  • Talent Group Development

  • Organise for rapid action for results

  • Organisational Integrations in Mergers and Acquisitions



Effective – Structured - Engaging

We advise leaders to design and implement alignment and change that helps the organisation to move forward with agility and productive energy – through

a process of maximum engagement of the relevant stakeholders for commitment and effective implementation to achieve sustainable results.


Interventions can be at the following Levels:


  • Aligning the leadership team

  • Developing and implementing the organisational strategy

  • Defining the operating framework

  • Clarifying processes and decision making

  • Revitalizing the organisational culture

  • Resource allocation and people management

  • Creating optimal networks

  • Intercultural and cross-functional communication

  • Interface alignment

  • Talent-Development, Coaching and Mentoring

  • Organisational Integrations

  • Performance Management

  • Leadership Communication Cascading Events



Leadership in Action


Take your leadership team off-site to work on the priority business topics or leadership challenges. Take this opportunity to strengthen the leadership capabilities while getting important work done and strengthen the cohesiveness of the team at the same time.

Invest time in targeted preparation and spend quality time together for accellerated progress and augmented impact. A variety of specific unique activities can be organised, tailored on the needs of your team and will be integrated with the work you decide to focus on.



What you can expect:


  • Specific results, action plans and a write-up of the workshop outputs for your business topic

  • An memorable learning experience for your leadership team / customer team / strategic project team

  • A productive and enjoyable time together

  • More clarity and strengthened commitment to the topics discussed

  • Team building and mobilisation of positive productive energy and spirit

  • Untying the knot on what might be hindering timely advancement


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