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Discover the Simplicity on the other side of Complexity…

To find calm and peace in the face of the turbulence we currently live in.

I invite you to consider taking a moment to pause for connecting with yourself.

Nature can be a great sparring partner in this. Enjoy the warm sunlight on your skin. Feel the fresh air when you are breathing. Hear the wind, the sound of water, the song of birds. Seeing the beauty in the essence of life - the continuous flow of becoming, feeling the simplicity of present moment awareness - the serenity of attention and stillness.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication (Leonardo DaVinci). The most rewarding way of being is focusing on the essence, letting go of clutter, cherishing the vast space of this fertile ground for creativity and renewal.

Our ultimate purpose is being and becoming all we are. Spiritual, lightful and loving beings from the inside out and outside in - in an infinite flow - connected with all in joy and peace.

MLZ/Spring 2022


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