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5# Structure simply

Structure your weeks and days consistently and simply to help your brain and body to bring the best with the least effort. Set up your own Dynamic Operating Rhythm to create maximum flow and optimal speed in your endeavors.

What does structure simply mean for executives? Create meeting agendas that allow for meaningful exchange and collaboration. Identify the right balance for working rituals, breaks and holidays to recharge your batteries and refresh your mind. Maintain 90/30 minutes intervals throughout the day to sustain optimal brain performance. Get your most important task done before 9:00h every day and leave your work by 18:00h. Put family first. The work will expand and contract to fit the time

available as a natural outcome of intention. Time is elastic after all. Structure your diary to preserve your conscious energy and enable autopilot navigation for leadership effectiveness. Being the best version of yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself and your surroundings.

Tip: Identify one new habit for each month and allow 3 weeks to consolidate.


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