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4# Communicate clearly

To be seen, heard and understood is a basic human need. Communicating resonantly and effectively. Where intention and impact are congruent - is the magic ingredient of executive presence and inspiring leadership.

When the messages and context are clear, the proposition is readily shared, and the supporting evidence builds trust - the leader creates psychological safety.

Clear communication is a courageous leadership capacity based on self-confidence and mutual respect.

What does clear communication mean for executives?

We know it when we see it. Work with an effective balance of advocacy

and inquiry. Find the right format, language and tone to respect the needs of your diverse audiences to influence and engage heartfully. Heartful communication and engagement enable a collaborative leadership culture.

Being the best version of yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself and your surroundings.

Tip: Stories are powerful containers for values, insights and meaning formation – keep it simple, soulful and clear.


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