align your agile self in an agile world



We have a passion for people and business excellence basics. We are continuously inspired
by new awareness and by new emerging opportunities. We get energized by orchestrated
collaboration for co-creating the future together

with visionary open-minded individuals and
aspirational teams. Leadership demands are constantly evolving and yet there is an essential
core to cherish and flexibly adapt to new contexts and dynamics.

We have been on this expansive journey with

a wide and diverse spectrum of successful and
accomplished leaders in large and small organisations globally. We are grateful for all the
rewarding and trusting relationships with our

clients and partners we could enjoy and build
since 2001, when the company was founded.



    « We coach courageous leaders to find
    practical ways to achieve their aspirational
    goals and to reliably deliver beneficial
    outcomes in turbulent and changing
    environments. »


    We have a wealth of deep knowledge and global experience and passion to help you drive change and transformation with greater awareness and self-trust. We enable and expedite the development of people and organizations to meet the emerging needs for a healthy and thriving world.

    We act as your sparring partner to help you unfold your capabilities to more confidently navigate through the turbulence of change with adaptive resilience and joy.


    « We support leadership teams with a growth mindset in validating their strategy and
    achieving effective deployment into action for best results. »


    We facilitate M&A integration and culture alignment for organisational development, re-set and sustainable transformational change management. We focus on solid and value creating stakeholder relationship development, enabled by strategic vision, through highly engaged dialogue,
    negotiation and mediation in service of open cross-boundary co-creation for innovative
    outcomes and responsible collective solutions.


« Connect with your purpose and make conscious choices – give room to your creative energy and engage with curiosity to discover the best in you and what is yet to come »

Marie-Louise Zollinger

Executive Coach, MBA, MCC


How we work


We are guided by our key values:

Clarity - be clear in your communication and relationships

Together, we enable high levels of engagement, we provide inspiration through connectedness with purpose, through focus on essentials and new possibilities to develop and groWings © toward maximum aspired potentials.


Courage – be the pioneer who fuels change and opportunities

Together, we go beyond conventional perspectives and look for possibilities outside of perceived boundaries. We aim to innovate in all our interactions in a co-creative process, recognising the magic in what is emerging.

Professionalism – be professional in everything we do

Together, we work in a respectful partnership. High quality and pragmatic sustainable solutions to the benefit of all relevant stakehoders are

important to us.

Innovativeness – be creative and open to the unconventional
Together, we explore and integrate diverse perspectives and approaches to find what best serves the intended impact in the short and longer time horizons and for the immediate and broader scope.

Entrepreneurship – be responsible and show gratitude
Together, we find solutions and make things happen that are immediately useful and meaningful. We are the champions that are co-creating the vision and reality you want to live in.

Sustainability – be aware and thoughtful
Together, we care for all of life and for the best flourishing world as a whole through resilient adaptation and conscious self-leadership.

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